Life is too precious to waste it!

Let us make social media the place it should be.
Not a place of monetization and information overload.
But a place where people matter.

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Our Vision ✨

Take a step back and think about your current social media experience ... Let's say you just wanted to swipe through your friends' latest vacation photos.

Odds are until you get there, you spent an unfortunate amount of time endlessly scrolling through ads and not-so-relevant content. Worst case: You even forgot why you opened the app in the first place.

We are tired of this. We believe social media is supposed to improve your life rather than to steal your most valuable resource, attention. Attention that belongs to your friends, your creativity, the people & things you care about most.

We envision 1life as a platform that puts you in control of what is worth your attention.

The Deal 🤝

We promise

🚫 No ads
🤖 No AI-curated content
💸 No data sold to third parties

But how?

To ensure high quality content on 1life, we raise a value fee of 1$ per public post.

Posts among friends will always be free.

An annual cost transparency report will be made publicly available.

Allrighty ✅

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By the way, we're looking for ambassadors, content creators and developers. If that's you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your feedback and ideas.